Bipolární noci

Necrocock – Bipolární noci (2021)


1. Za starou saunou
2. Bipolární noci
3. Mimika
4. Zabil jsem posvátnýho hulmana
5. Cassiopeia
6. Vakace
7. Hádej, kde jsme včera byli
8. Jídelní hudba pro princeznu Karolínku
9. Únos
10. Když se dívky bojí
11. Jack staví dům

12. Saigon lady

The bipolar, unconceptual, genre-diverse album is just out


All the music and lyrics by Tom Necrocock


F.Štorm, Honza Kapák, Houbová Marie, Nazaru Bokaz and childrens of Dan Rodný



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Kill the Hanuman Langur

Zahraj si skákací plošinovku a pozabíjej všechny hulmany. Bacha na slony a varany při cestě do opičí vaginy.

Play a jumping platformer and kill all the hulmans. Watch out for elephants and varans on your way to the monkey’s vagina.



Bipolar nights

English translation by Nazaru Bokaz


Behind the old sauna

Behind the old sauna
under the hot stokehold,
a bit behind the boiling house,
burnt out eating house.
I‘m searching for my loved one
close to the square,
behind the old sawmill
she‘s lying behind the signalling.
Today it will happen,
accident‘s approaching.
It‘s already been given.
Bloody wrist.
It is about to come,
it is about to run up.
No signal is here,
the barrier is shining.

Behind the old sauna,
behind the old brickyard
they will find her naked,
dead behind the water tank.

Bipolar nights

Bipolar nights
I‘m cutting the asylum wire.
Get out of my way, nutcases
or else I‘ll count up your ribs.

I‘m in a hurry towards my loved one.
In pavilion she dwells.
Behind the superintendent‘s villa
I‘m turning my steps to the left.
Bipolar girls, boys are greeting me in the middle of the night.
Hypomanic episodes chasing them like wasps.
I‘m coming to visit you and help you by pharmacotherapy as well.
My pockets are filled with Ziprasidone
Hurry Hurry
before the blackbirds peck it up.

Bipolar nights
She‘s affected by hypomania.
Also salamanders treat here
patients with coprophagia
On the bipolar way
I meet you-seized.
You speak queerly grievely deliriously.
I feel great mood here.


From the weird people
I‘ve learned
horrifying mimics
And now I use it
and many people
are afraid of me.

On the empty beach
I found
a dead girl
So I was investigating,
on the tropical night,
who had killed her.
I asked the fisherman
who was gutting
the night manta rays
whether he hadn‘t seen
or heard someone’s steps there.
He said he hadn‘t neither seen
nor heard anything
and didn‘t know anything.
He only confessed he had hidden
my shoes in the water
for fun.

I killed the Hanuman langur

This morning I wanted to tell you, my love
that I killed the Hanuman langur.
He is lying under the mangrove scrubs
with broken legs.
The whole animal kingdom already knows it
they‘ll sic a varan on me tomorrow.
It will kill me with its infection,
it will kill me with its teeth.
At first they wanted to execute me by an elephant,
let me be crushed underfoot.
I won‘t attain enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree anymore.
Wat Prasat, Wat Prasat.

It happened on Sunday towards morning.
I was sleeping off an araq drunk.
Brain overfilled with testosterone went insane,
it desired to have intercourse with a monkey.
I was tottering up the river in the hangover,
greeting langur families on the way.
My goal was crazy and certain,
to quickly penetrate the monkey‘s vagina.
Gotta make it before the alpha male returns,
before Adam’s Peak screens its shadow downwards.
I I I I I I I‘m already banging that monkey
but the old langur is coming home…

La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la


I experienced hypertectonic heat
up in the clouds, up in the mountains.
Magmatic dust suffocated me.
I‘m lying under the Cassiopeia constellation.
I also underwent a descent into the maelström
with my tomcat, toward the morning.
He helped me to ascend from the vortex.
I‘m wading through a brook in Svatý Ján [Saint John].

The air pressure became to change at night.
We went out from the valley soon in the morning.
We only wanted to have a fuck
under the bright constellation, on the King’s Mountain.
A black cloud covered the mountain range.
I smelled a phosphorus, I smelled a sulphur.
I was deafened by an inner ear pressure.
You started to burn in the middle of the universe.

We were wearing the thermostatic suits.
In the middle of Cyclades I saw Thera.
We were killed by pyroclastic flow.
We‘re lying together at the bottom of crater.
We reached our immortalization.
See you in thousand years.
Buried in time we‘re lying there.
Buried with fluidized mixture.


It was at a time of vacation.
Before my operation.
I carried a file.
Preoperative file.

On the soaking mattress
I softened the pain with fellatio.
I squirted pus,
purple pus.

After the ether inhalation
I aproached the autocastration.
Surrounded with the insect.
the genital insect.

After a light dehydration
my breasts started the strong lactation.
I established the ‚Reassignment‘ surgery

The vacation is over, take down the tents.
Come to the consulting room alone.
The vacation is over, take down the tents.
Come to the consulting room alone.

Guess where we were yesterday

Guess where we were yesterday
Near the Necrocock‘s villa.
And what we heard there
That the horses startled.

Moaning of joy everywhere
Angry outburst as well.
Someone was killed there
Mushroom Mary, they say.

She’s been dead a long time,
she drowned at Skreje.
Uncle, you are pulling my leg today,
I’m gonna turn you into a scarecrow.

The meal music for princess Karolínka

Who does the onion make teary in the kitchen?
Who forgot to put the yeast in the pie?
Here is feasting our tiny naked baby today.

Drinking Malcao, soaking biscuits in it
cooked her first goulash in a cauldron.
Under the pot-lid chubby birdie is stewing.

Who is blubbering here, weepeing in the kitchen?
I don‘t see any cloud in the sky.
Little angel has burnt her gourmand tiny muzzle.


Let me to carry you in my car
in a charming scenery.
I‘ll serve you a drink.
Today it’s for the sixth time.
I will stab you to death soon
It‘s so heavenly.

La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

Oh, we‘re going on a trip,
not eating all night.
We‘re hungry for you
and in a killing mood.
At first we’ll have a fling,
then will dismember you.

La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

When the girls are scared

When the girls are scared,
when a fear overwhelms them.
Morphine powder
is descending on the weighing plates.

Your punt is setting sail.
Šárka Beliová.

Carbide lamps
are shining in the frog‘s caves.
Cadmium fires.
Smell of death around.

Your batch is sailing in,
helium punt.

Back to the valley.
Baubín went to bed hours ago.
The opiate bees
will suck all night.

Your desire‘s turning up.
Serial murder.

The dust covers
amanitin pills in a jar.
The celluloid pinkies
we‘re searching in the marshes.

Ebonite rod
is sailing in downstream.

Ferrite antennas.
The signal is interfered.
Embryonic transfer.
Prepare the operating theatre!

Radio wars.
Iridium cups.

Alabaster limbs
are shining and shattering the crystal.
Pistachio cakes.
Glacial period approaches.

Cashmere shawls.
Beryllium adits.

The house that Jack built

The house that Jack built, murders and violence awawwww
The house that Jack built, the construction equipment is his knife

Look at the rainbow, feel morning stars
So many corpses form the house
Look at the rainbow, then see the snow
Look at the rainbow, awawawwww

Look at the rainbow, feel morning scars
Bodies like bonsai he’s twisting with bars
Look at the rainbow and then you will know
Look at the rainbow, awawawwww

The house that Jack built, moral defective – the dead ones are there
Though to the frozen lips he‘ll give a mysterious look awawwww

Look at the rainbow and feel the sick
Turning the human into a brick
Hunted on meadow, fast like a flick
Hunted on meadow

Look at the rainbow, it’s bullet of steel
Five heads at once, what art and skill!
The time is slow in afterglow
The time is slow

The house that Jack built, obsessed with antiquity
The throne of all murderers under the majestic attic

Look at the rainbow having no eyes
Masterpiece done, somebody dies
Like Marilyn Monroe or a wild roe
Look at the rainbow. Wow wow wow.

Look at the rainbow and enter his home
Dream-house of Jack, built on his own
In window your elbow how change he’d know
Look at the rainbow.

The house that Jack built, haunted by paranoia awawwww
The house that Jack built, the voices warn him awawwww

Saigon lady

Lady, boom boom
Massage, yum – yum
Eat, smack smack
Same same aaah
Same same aaah
Saigon lady, suck me baby
in Hue, in Hue


Bipolární noci
new bipolar, unconceptual, genre-diverse album
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For avid necrophilatelists, I traditionally issue 18 stamps, celebrating a new, bipolar album
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