Night Vision

Night Vision is music composed primarily for listening during night travelling that fascinates me all my life. It’s calm music full of positive vibrations, melancholy, passion, sexuality and beautiful melodies. I tried to put there that atmosphere of night airports, intercontinental flights, and peace inside of car, cruising endless night highway. This calm music should also correspond with feel of lonely airline passenger. NIGHT VISION is one-man project; all music was composed, arranged and performed by me.
Necrocock (Night Vision Captain)


Sleeping Bus (2011)

1 Strawberry Scent
2 Hailing From The Moon
3 Sleeping Bus To Saigon
4 K.V.E.T.A.
5 I Feel Your Sweat
6 DJs Telephone
7 Leo
8 Shakkura
9 Across The Himalayas
10 Around The Dark Pond
11 Night Flight To Bangkok


Music For Night Travelling I (2006)

1 Night Travelling
2 Evening In The Airport
3 On Board
4 B4 The Storm
5 Escape From Jungle
6 Lay By Girl
7 Diva
8 Loveliness
9 Kenzo
10 Trans Atlantic


Music For Night Travelling II (2006)

1 Fall In Hills
2 Falling In Love With A Bitch
3 Funicolare
4 Savarina
5 Buona Sera Ischia
6 The Lonely Forest Behind The Powerstation
7 Sangie
8 Romance